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Titchfield Rentals 1546-1547


This book translates and transcribes information about Titchfield that is almost 500 years old.

This publication provides easy access to information that may be useful to the historian and genealogist.

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In 1546-7 a ‘Rental’ was compiled of Thomas Wriothesley’s estates. Essentially this is a record of lands and their rental value. Today, such works are of interest to the hsitorian and the genealogist as they give details such as people’s names, where they lived, sometimes the names of their copyholds, how many acres of land they worked, and the rents they paid, including hens and eggs! The documents have beren preserved in the Hampshire Record Office but as they are handwritten, in Latin, and sometimes use indecipherable abbreviations, they become difficut for the modern researcher to interpret. A group of volunteers have taken on the task of translating the document as it relates to the Titchfield Hundred and the Titchfield History Society has agreed to publish their work in this volume so that future resarchers may have easy access to these records.


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