Old Roads Through Titchfield

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Tis map published by Milne in 1791 is one of the more advanced 18th century maps, but is does reveal very different travel patterns to those we experience today. The main road between Southampton and Portsmouth was the old medieval … Continued

A Royal Wedding 1445

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Medieval monasteries were amongst the most impressive buildings of their times. They were spacious, sumptuously built and maintained and were certainly fitting places for the accommodation of the well-to-do. The abbey at Titchfield, although by no means the largest or … Continued

The Beestons of Titchfield

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William Beeston was a prosperous man who was living at Posbrook House towards the end of his life. He was a tenant of the earl and had the means to educate his children. His eldest son, Henry, became Master at … Continued

Lord Montagu’s address

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TITCHFIELD HERITAGE CHURCH INAUGURATION 1ST JULY 2017 I am delighted to be taking part in today’s inauguration of St Peter’s as a Heritage Church. A place of worship dating back over 1000 years, which contains so many significant links with … Continued

Titchfield Hundred

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The manor and the hundred and the shire were Saxon administrative inventions and were adopted without change by the Normans. The French name of Manor was substituted as was County, but the Hundred  kept its Saxon name. Broadly speaking the … Continued

Titchfield in 1066

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900 years ago this year, England’s political structure changed. The new king very quickly replaced all the minor Saxon lords known as thanes and replaced them with more powerful barons and bishops. These men were granted great tracts of land, … Continued

St Margaret’s Priory

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The first thing that can be said about St Margaret’s Priory is that it was never a priory. The name was adopted in the 20th century as a fashionable name for an old building. Parts of the building date from … Continued