Titchfield News

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Here is the June edition of Titchfield News. As they are unable to print or distribute copies at this time we are making it available on this website.


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More morbid thoughts about mass epidemics. In October 1347 a Genoese ship came into Messina harbour in Sicily. All of the crew were dead or dying. The harbour authorities quarantined the vessel and crew but it was to no avail … Continued


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We are mercifully unaccustomed to plagues or epidemics, but our ancestors lived with the fact that disease would break out from time to time and take many lives. They called it the Plague. in the 16th and 17th centuries there … Continued

New Titchfield Book

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Better late than never! After much delay the new Titchfield book was delivered this morning. I will be at the Queen’s Head to distribute/sell from 1 pm.

Raising the flag

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Ken Groves, President of the Titchfield History Society, raising the new flag outsider his home in one off the oldest parts of Titchfield.