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In the 19th century many researchers spent uncounted hours in the public Record Office patiently copying out by hand the contents of state papers. These transcription were then assembled into printed books so that the information could become widely accessible. Such work continued in the 20th century when the great family opened up their dusty archives.

In this tradition a group of Medieval Latin students at Winchester University, under the leadership of Thomas Olding, worked on translating a ‘Rental’ account commissioned by Sir Thomas Wriotrhesely, who later became the 1st earl of Southampton. This has been difficult work, not only because of the 16th century handwriting but also because clerks often used abbreviations which are hard to decipher today.

The team has accomplished the task after much hard work and the Titchfield History Society is proud to sponsor the publication of this work, which will now make it easy for anyone pursuing their family history or the history of Titchfield to access these documents and save hours of work.

The documents are presented in facsimile on one page with the translation opposite in a modern typeface.

Books may be ordered here.

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