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Your village now has an Emblem (above) to be proud of. With “Village in Bloom 2019” on the horizon from mid-July there is an opportunity to purchase and fly your own village flag or put up some bunting. We recommend 45-degree angled flags on existing Christmas tree brackets or raise a larger standard flag on an upright pole. We hope all villagers, wherever you live, will proudly fly their Emblem flags on poles or out in bunting from 13-30 July, but any flag you have will do. Who knows, it might even help the Village win a top award this year?!

How the Titchfield Emblem came about

Three Titchfield enthusiastic locals got together in the autumn of 2017 and convened the first of many informal meetings in the Queen’s Head pub! The mission, other than enjoying a good drink, was to try and develop more of a “Symbolic Identity reflecting the Ancient History of Titchfield”.  An emblem was decided as the best way ahead and sketches started on beer mats with the aid of a local sign maker and artist, and then transferred onto a hi-tech computer with numerous graphic amendments from a local web designer. Many thanks must also go to our fourth musketeer and well-respected local historian (President of the Titchfield History Society) who sagely advised on the ancient historic past of the village. The concepts lead has since quoted: “the pub is the house of learning and where all business is best done!”

The Emblem history includes a rose petal border with a mix of red Lancastrian and white Yorkist tips representing the monarch dynasties that have visited the village. Four quadrants are separated vertically by a variation of Shakespeare spear with the tip disguised as a nib, and horizontally by Saint Wilfred’s crozier (staff) who built Anglo Saxon churches including Saint Peters church. Each quadrant symbolises important geographical sites in Titchfield i.e. the cross keys represent Saint Peter’s church, the crossed towers represent Titchfield Abbey with a lion in the centre brought in for Henry VI ‘s wedding, a medieval ship represent the old port in Titchfield. Finally, a white falcon representing what is now the bird Haven and the Wriothesley Falcon.

The Titchfield History Society is now the custodian of the Emblem. The Emblem was officially launched on 23 April 2018 in the Great Barn by the President of the History Society. This date was chosen because it was the day that Shakespeare was born (and ironically died), the wedding day of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou in Titchfield Abbey and St Georges day the patron saint of England.

You will soon see the Emblem feature on top of new village entry signs as you drive in. You may also see some samples on display in the village very soon. When you get your flags, we suggest you fly them from the weekend 13/14 Jul as Village in Bloom approaches until the 31 July 2019 when it ends.
Flag Ordering

Flags are being made in mid-June 2019. Payments will be made to the Titchfield History Society and you will be delighted to know that all profits from selling the flag will be put back into the history of your village. Some of you have already submitted orders and these will be followed up by email. More bespoke orders can also be made e.g. larger flags. Standard orders are below:
Angled flags that drape on a 45-degree pole – (Both angled flags include a sewn in white elastic hem sock to slide onto a broom handle – ideal for a Christmas tree 45-degree wall bracket).

Double Sided Angled Flag 3 foot by 2 foot Angled (thicker 3 sheets of material – less likely to wrap around itself) – £29.99
NB with this price you will be the proud owner of a double-sided flag coming in a limited-edition print with the first wave of 1-50. It will be first come first served basis starting with 1/50 and ending in 50/50 for the first run-off.

Single Sided Angled Flag 3 foot by 2 foot (mirrors through one sheet of flag material) – £19.99
NB Please note that single sided mirror flags and bunting will not have the scroll Titchfield underneath the Emblem as letters will mirror the wrong way! The scroll will be supplemented by two more fleur de lys. It still looks fantastic!

Single Sided Standard Square Flag to fly on any flag pole 3 x 3 or 2.5 x 2.5 foot (both sizes mirror well through one sheet of flag material). NB: All Single Sided flags not have the scroll Titchfield underneath the Emblem as letters will mirror the wrong way! Square Flags with hem socks are designed to slip onto a 45 deg broom handle pole with Titchfield emblem correctly aligned i.e. hanging with spear upward.
£24.99 (2.5 x 2.5 foot) or £27.99 (3 x 3 foot with hem sock or eyelets)
3. Bunting:
5m square flag bunting (single sided mirror) – £11.99
10m square flag bunting (single sided mirror) – £19.99


To order go to the shopping page here

While we set up card payment facilities these orders will be cash or cheque on delivery and collection only. See details below.

You will be notified by email when you can collect your flag from Hadlows Butcher around the end of June. Only cheques or cash will be accepted on pick up at Hadlows at this early stage. Cheques to be made payable to Titchfield History Society. Orders will be wrapped in plastic with a flag maintenance leaflet and limited-edition certificate (if applicable on double sided angled flag orders).
Suggested days to fly your Emblem: Village in Bloom (normally July), Village Fetes and Fairs, Carnival days, April 23rd (St Georges Day/Shakespeare’s birthday), weddings, births christenings and any other events you wish to celebrate!

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  1. Debbie


    Are the Titchfield flags still avaiable to order?
    If so is it still the same arrangment, collection and payment at the butchers?
    If they are, due to our unusual times what is the timeframe? as I am looking to purchase one for a birthday gift.

    Thank you

  2. wilfrid

    Sorry for the delay in responding – your comment got lost in a blizzard of spam. Perhaps you have resolved the issue already but if not contact me again for help.

  3. Mrs. A. Upstell

    Hello, I would like to purchase one of the Titchfield village flags. Are you still making these and could you possibly let me know how I go about purchasing one. I would like the double sided angled flag to mount in my Christmas tree bracket. Thankyou.

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