Was your Father or Grandfather one of the men of the Auxiliary Unit in Titchfield?

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We have been contacted by a group of national volunteers researching these units and they have given us the twelve names of the Titchfield Resistance Unit. These men were trained in the event of a German invasion and had to sign the ‘Official Secrets Act’. After did a member of your family ever talk about this unit?

These men dug underground hideouts called ‘operational bases’, large enough to house six or seven men in reasonable comfort. In the South and south east of England, in areas vulnerable to invasion well over 500 of these bunkers existed, so where was ours and does any evidence still exist? 

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Here are the names of the Titchfield unit and their addresses at the time with extra information I have found to help you identify if they are your relative, it is sad to realise that we missed talking to some of these men about the unit by only a few years.

Sgt Ernest John Isaac born 1911 lived in Coach Hill and was a labourer on a fruit farm. He was married to Audrey.

Pte David Whitear born 1925, mother’s maiden name was Bristowe, no address given

Pte Charles William Bennett born1922, died in 1987, son of Martha Meads & John Bennett lived in Posbrooke Cottages and was a nurseryman

Pte Eric Thompson born 1923 in Portsmouth and lived in Park Road during the war. His mother’s maiden name was Gale and he was a mechanic in 1939.

Pte Arthur Freemantle born1925 lived in West St and died in 1989. Parents Ann & William 

Pte Richard Goddard born 1922, an aircraft apprentice in 1939, Mother was a Frampton and they lived in Warsash Road and then at 19 Church Path.

Pte Harry Robert Bowman born 1924, died 2010 lived at 48 Bellfield during the war and worked in a nursery. In 2003 he was living in Pitchpond Road.

Pte Edward Michael Ferris born1926 lived in Brownwich Lane and died in 2014. Mother’s maiden name was Ferris.

Pte Arthur Whitear born1922, died 2006, worked in a nursery, son of Arthur & Florence lived 9 Bellfield

Pte Edward William T Hubbard born 1927 of 13 Warsash Road, son of Martha ne Cawte

Pte S J Holmes no date of birth, in 1932 he was living at the Whiteley Poultry Farm in Whiteley Lane 

Pte J E Snelgar  born in 1925 lived at 2 Bellfield, possibly James Edward who died in Lymington in 2007 and was a boatbuilder in Barnes Lane in the 1950’s.

Any information about the unit, a possible site for the bunker or stories of this time from these men please email amanda.laws@virgin.net or post of the facebook page and I will pass it on to the volunteers. Thanks Amanda Laws

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